Residential Garage Doors

The visibility of garage doors on a home makes aesthetics extremely important. The style should complement the rest of the home’s exterior. Adding features such as windows, or wrought iron hardware can bring distinction to the appearance of your home, improving curb appeal.

When making a decision about purchasing a new garage door, it is important to consider other factors such as functionality of the garage. As the main entrance and exit to the home, the garage door is in actuality the “front door”. The garage space is typically the storage area for some of the family’s most valuable assets, including automotive vehicles. Maintaining a stable climate is important to the protection of those assets and for creating an energy efficient home. Insulated doors made with high quality materials can defend against hot and cold temperatures and extreme weather.

Evansville Garage Doors keeps a large selection of high quality doors, parts and openers available in stock in a large warehouse. The showroom, connected to the warehouse, is located on Division Street and includes several fully functional garage doors and openers for customers to view and operate while shopping.

Through training and experience, Evansville Garage Doors sales team can assist customers in selecting the right product. Understanding the benefits of high quality materials and construction versus that of economy garage doors will allow customers to make the right choice, the first time. Our sales team uses modern technology to allow customers view a virtual image of a new garage door on their home prior to making the purchase.