1361978751_Matt-7-MyDoorAs the largest moving part on your house, the garage door plays an important part in maintaining structural integrity and energy efficiency – two important factors in green building design. Your garage door should use long-lasting, quality products that will need few replacement parts in the future. Less manufacturing means less waste, and less consumption. Galvanized springs and hinges are not only more attractive, but they last on average 50% longer than standard springs and hinges.

Energy Efficiency

Quality construction and expert installation of your garage door can reduce overall household energy consumption.

Is your garage attached to your home?
Is your furnace and water heater located in your garage?

Keeping warmth in your garage is essential to running your furnace and water heater efficiently during winter months. Three-layer “sandwich” doors feature a layer of environmentally safe, CFC-free, expanded polyurethane insulation bonded between two layers of durable 24-gauge steel. This high-density insulation has an R-Value of 15.4, compared to an R-Value of 9 for standard Styrofoam insulation. The insulation is injected into the panels to make sure that every gap is filled.

Proper installation will ensure that your garage door operates efficiently. Evansville Garage Doors uses top quality parts including galvanized steel springs and hinges for durability and aesthetics. Nylon rollers create a smooth and quiet motion when opening and closing the garage. Vinyl weather striping and bottom weatherseal will assist in keeping the elements out.